selection of recent (public) presentations:

Date Event Subject
2016 HostingCon EU, Amsterdam Leading; Docker panel
2016  DataCloud 2016, Monaco Leading; Opensource panel.
2015  Computable Datacenter Seminar, Amsterdam Cloud migration strategy.
2015  Green Datacenter Conference, San Diego  Panel Emerging Trends.
2014 DataCloud CEE 2014, Warsaw DCIM Beyond the hype
2014 Benelux Data Centre Dialogue 2 Changing mindset when implementing IAAS
2014 Datacentres Europe 2014, Monaco DCIM panel, presentation IT As Utility.
2013 Datacentres Europe 2013, Nice Panel DCIM, panel modular datacenter builds
2013 Hivos Expert meeting datacentra, Amsterdam Debating green energy options.
2013 3rd Datacentres Central&Eastern Europe DCIM&Energy panel
2012 Datacentres 2012, Nice Adiabatic and free cooling.
2012 #KNGS Green Application development and Hosting, Amsterdam Providing energy usage feedback to software developers.
2012 The Green Grid meetings (EMEA) Workshop Site Selection
2012 IMN’s Forums on Fin, Inv & RE for DATA CENTERS, London Datacenter design panel.
2011 FHI IT Room Infra 2011 The state of the Datacenter – what is next ?
2011 Datacenter Dynamics Amsterdam 2011 Design of a new modular, CO2 nutrual datahall with adiabatic cooling.
2011 Virtualisation & Cloud Executive Summit Going cloud ; IT Phoenix from the flames
2011 Telecoms Cloud Services Summit, Berlijn Going cloud
2011 Datacentre Transformation Summit, Amsterdam Cloud&Datacenter panel
2010 Data Centre Dialogue, Londen Datacenter strategie
2010 SVLG DCE, San Jose Chill Off 2 & 3
2010 Datacentre Expo, Düsseldorf. Datacenter strategie
2010 RittalThemadag Green IT Solutions Datacenter and IT development.
2009 Dag van de Koude Why cool any way ?
2009 Datacenter & Hosting Summit Datacenter containers
2009 Virtualisation Executive Summit Virtualisation and the effect on the datacenter
2009 IT Room Infra Keynote
2009 NEN Dag Waarom NEN NPR voor datacentra ?
2008 NEN Dag Waarom NEN NPR voor datacentra ?
2007 AFCOM DatacenterWorld, Las Vegas Datacenter consolidation

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Presentation requests can be send to: jan@wiersma.com